Rules AND Reasons for St Andrews
Emergency Numbers (to be used for emergency calls only): 07985410020

We ask you to abide by our rules at all times whilst on the venue, as failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave and receiving an instant ban. The owner maintains the complex to a high standard with conservation at the forefront of his planning, so please respect this and help to protect both the vegetation and wildlife.

We don’t like to be always pushing a rule book at people and rely on our anglers to have some common sense and respect for the lakes and fellow anglers. 99% of the anglers who fish St Andrews are very nice people; most of the rules had to be written for the 1% that just doesn’t get it.  If you do see people acting inappropriately please inform the bailiff.

  • All Litter Must be Removed

  • No Parking and Driving onto the Fishing site

  • Respect the Neighbors, No Noise or Nuisance

1. Day tickets are available on the bank from official bailiffs/Fishery Manager. Season Tickets can be purchased online or on the bank. You will need to phone the fishery line when you get to the lake to confirm payment before the gate will open. It is
not necessary to book swims on the fishery - we do not take bookings unless it’s a whole lake booking - just turn up and pay the bailiffs on the bank/over the phone before fishing commences. There is usually room on our day ticket water at the busiest of times.

2.  No fish to be removed from the fishery or transferred into the fishery. This will be enforced and anyone caught moving fish will be prosecuted without fail you have been warned! Our fish seem to be very healthy and we wouldn’t want to risk disease or any other species in the lakes.

3.  All anglers must use suitable landing net’s, weigh slings, unhooking mats sized specific to species targeted, forceps, disgorgers and antiseptic type fish care equipment for safe fish treatment on the bank for all species. There will be kit inspections and you will be told if it’s not adequate. Please speak to the Fishery Manager/Bailiff if you’re worried and he will advise and can source appropriate Items for you. Please also make sure nets and slings have no holes or sharp areas and wet slings and mats before placing fish on them.  All slings, mats and nets must be dry prior to entering the site – anybody caught unpacking damp equipment will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Fish safety is of paramount importance. This is to try to lessen the chance of parasite infection from other waters. Then please dip Nets/Slings/Mats in the Antiseptic tanks before use on site.

4. Please treat the fish with the utmost care. I have often seen fish dragged up the bank in a landing net, lifting them high off the ground.
I also witness to many people weighing them before photographing them that is pointless double handling.  I’m a firm believer that the less stress they go through the sooner they get back feeding and behaving like Carp again. Please treat all the St Andrews fish you catch
with the utmost care as if they are the most delicate, precious thing you have handled. Check everything for sharp edges, take watches off, etc. Two people can make the operation smoother, please ask for help, the angler next door will always like a look at the fish anyway.
The best procedure when you catch a fish is these simple rules.

a) Leave the fish in the net in the water for a few minutes so it can get its breath back after the fight. (Imagine running a mile and then having your head stuck in a bucket of water), that must be the same for a fish lifted out of the water to soon.
b) Make your mind up while it’s still in the water if you want to have a photo or weigh the fish.  If you are doing then get everything ready while the fish is still in the water.  Ask a friend or the nearest angler if they will help.

c) Wet slings and un-hooking mats and make sure the mat is on level ground so the fish can’t slide off easily.
d) Lift the fish out of the water ensuring the fins are not trapped underneath the weight of the fish so no fins are broken and place the fish on the un-hooking mat softly.
e) Remove the hook being careful not to tangle the hook link on the fins or on the gill cover. If you can, lift the fish slightly and remove the net, ask a friend or onlooker to help. Net mesh is a slime remover, some anglers like to lift the fish, still in the net with the aid of a
weigh sling, I have no problem with this but it is a bit tricky so make your own mind up here for the benefit of the fish.
f) Take your photos now, keeping the fish as low as possible and being prepared to lower the fish back onto the mat if it starts to struggle. 
g) Photos done now slip it into the weigh sling and check the weight.  It’s now in the best position to be easily returned.  Weigh slings are the best way to transport fish back to the water.  If you use a weigh sling with bars please be careful of the bars and also carry the Carp in a way it can’t slide backwards in the sling, one of my previous syndicate venue 40’s had its tail broken in one of these types of sling, some have square corners, make sure the head is tilted down to avoid slipping in the sling to never break a tail.
h) Hold the fish as far as possible in deep enough water so it can easily swim out of the
weigh sling. Let water into the sling to help. St Andrews Carp are the best-conditioned Carp of any fishery; please try to keep it this way
by respecting each and every one of them. Carp may only be held in a large recovery sling to assist weighing and photographing – the maximum time should not exceed 30mins. No Carp to be placed in a sack. Badly damaged fish must be retained in a sling and reported to the emergency numbers immediately.

5.  Swims must be kept tidy at all times. Be especially aware of light rubbish such as crisp and sweet wrappers blowing in the wind.  I
have never been able to walk around the lakes without finding small items of rubbish. Usually
I can’t even fill my back pocket but if I didn’t pick it up then it would build up.  I know a lot of anglers pick up other anglers rubbish for me, thanks for that but it would be 100% better not to have to.

6.  Your fishing zone is halfway between you and the next angler, left and right and half way across if applicable.  If you have empty swims near you by all means you can cast into them but you must be prepared to reel in should someone want to fish there. We’ve had occasions where anglers definitely have cast or bait boated beyond half way across to the neighbouring angler.  If you have this happen to you let the angler know they are fishing in your water, if they persist let a bailiff know.

7.  All litter to be removed from the premises, every last bit, including cigarette stubs, tea bags, sweet wrappers or any small items please.
If you find other anglers rubbish please pick it up and inform a bailiff so we can try to catch the culprit.  Anyone purposefully leaving rubbish will be banned.  Be aware that our bailiffs and the fishery manager especially has his eyes wide open and he has banned an angler for leaving rubbish and will do so again should we have to.  We have had rubbish left in the toilets, hidden in the bushes, left in the swims and thrown in the car park.  It will not be tolerated, there are plenty of day ticket lakes full of rubbish, it embarrasses us knowing its
anglers leaving it, we are better than that surely.  Bins are provided in the car park USE THEM!!

8.  No child under the age of 16 years is allowed to fish without adult supervision. The adult must be over 21, this is an insurance stipulation. Only one non fishing guest is allowed per angler.

9.  No fires. Small portable/disposable barbeques can be used but take care not to scorch the grass or swims and please take away the burn’t ash don’t dump in hedges!!. You have been warned! This rule will be invoked if they are abused! BBQ must be raised off the ground. If you use a disposable BBQ and it burns the grass you will be asked to leave the fishery.

10.  No noise nuisance radios, shouting, unsociable or disruptive behaviour, boats, drones, guns, swimming, drugs or heavy drinking
Fishing should be peaceful and 
hassle free.

11. Dogs are allowed under control preferably on leads and need to be cleaned up after them. Any dog mess found in the vicinity of the swim and this option to bring dogs will be revoked.

12.  No vegetation to be cut back, especially reeds and trees. We’ll cut the reeds back as part of our general maintenance.

13.  No trespassing in surrounding industrial estates and farmland.

14.  All anglers must be in possession of a valid national rod-fishing license. One licence covers 2 rods, to fish 3 or 4 rods you require two licences. Blue Lagoon allows the use of up to 3 rods per swim occasionally on quieter days 4 rods (winter only). If you double up in a swim you can only fish two rods each, with the exception of a handful of large swims dotted around the lake. If you are unsure whether you can use 2 or 3 rods each, when doubling up, please check with the bailiff.

15.  Proof will be required for concessions i.e. juniors disabled and OAP’s.  Juniors under.

16. Fishing in the same swim as an adult are free of charge; 12-16 are same price as 12hr ticket. All children under the age of 16 will be able to fish for free as long as they are in the same swim as their parent/guardian. They must have proof of ID, preferably the free EA
license that they need to apply for. Between the ages of 12 and 16 they can fish in the adjacent swim to their parent/guardian and in such cases they would get their ticket at £15. Under the age of 12 they MUST fish from the same swim as their parent/guardian. Please
remember that when doubling up in swims you can now only fish with a maximum of two rods each! To ensure we don’t encourage children into taking time off from school, these discounts will only apply during recognised school holidays and on the weekends, (from
Friday evening until Sunday evening).

17.  All vehicles must not exceed 10 mph throughout the estate. People moan about the track being pot holed but if you drive slowly it isn’t so bad.

18.  All vehicles to be parked only in the fishing carpark. NO DRIVING ROUND TO SWIMS. Please also park sensibly; often the car park is full due to large gaps between cars.  Also on the rubbish front please be aware that lose rubbish can be blown out of your car when you
get out, I often have to pick bits and bobs up, some even have the names of the litter dropper, be aware.

19. Strictly no vehicles on any grass. Parked or driven. This is especially so on all fields, especially if the ground is wet.  It’s almost a capital offence if the Site Manager catches you. Be Warned Please drive slow and careful, pedestrians don’t always look what they are doing and regularly walk in front of cars, we’ve had complaints of anglers driving too fast through the site, it isn’t safe to do so, please don’t. 

20.  All vehicle activity to be kept to a minimum after 10 pm and before 5 am. The gates will be locked between these hours for your security. Only on extremely urgent reasoning will the gates be opened in these hours. If you do arrive or leave in the dark please don’t full beam your lights in the fishery.

21.  Random spot checks will be carried out 24 hours a day by the bailiffs. Any person found not abiding by the rules, would be asked to leave and banned by the fishery. If you see any angler leaving rubbish, using leaders or acting inappropriately please report
this to a bailiff, we want well looked after fish and no rubbish don’t we?. 

22. Bait boats are allowed but must be kept inside your own fishing area. Be aware that bait boats drift so as soon as you drop your bait on a back or cross wind bring the boat into shore.  Some anglers have moaned about bait boats and then I’ve seen these anglers cast further than their swim boundaries. Bait boats and rods/casting can be abused; please don’t exceed your boundaries.

23. No leaders of any kind on lake. No naked chod rigs, lead core or leaders (such as snag/shock leaders) of any kind. No braided mainline apart from on spod and marker rods. Minimum of 1 meter tubing on all mono or fluorocarbon lines rigs (if you have trouble with this try Nash tubing as it is easy to thread). Minimum line strength of 15lb including Zigs for Carp There have been too many instances of fish towing leaders.  It isn’t just lead core but all leaders are not safe if used in-correctly.  We can’t rig check all rods so have had to stop
leader use. Good rig tubing, especially the tungsten types seem to work better than leaders on the day ticket lakes.

24. Be aware of the overhead trees. If you cast over them slowly winch the rig to the branches and it will often flip over safely. Should you get tangled just hold the spool. Point the rod at the branch and walk back slowly, pulling for a break.  We often find long lengths of line hanging from the branches, if your line breaks a long way away from the branch odds are your line was either damaged or perished.  Please regularly check your line we don’t want fish towing long lengths. Please inform the bailiff of all crack offs.

25.  No fishing in between pegs or on Lake Stock Inlets/Ponds or in any of the sanctuary area clearly marked.

26.  No one is allowed on the stock/inlet ponds without permission from The Fishery Manager. Any Carp under 5lb caught are to be kept in net and the fishery manager rang immediately on 07985410020 as we look to transfer small fish out of the lakes grow on. We want to keep the lake as a specimen water, so we want to remove smaller Carp. We are feeding the stock fish hard for future St Andrews stock. Now that the lake fish are at the weights they are we only intend to re-stock with good sized grown fish. We need to regularly try to remove small fish but it’s a hard lake to net successfully so every little helps.

27. Do not leave the toilets in a mess; other people have to use them.  The toilets are cleaned every week, usually on a Wednesday.  If they don’t seem to have been cleaned let us know please. 

 Always pump the handle to wet the trap door before use.
 Do your business.
 Pump the handle until the trap door is clear.
 Do not put anything down the toilet it isn’t designed to take
 Do not leave rubbish bags in the toilet
 If the toilet hire people leave bin liners in there only put empty toilet rolls in the liners, no other rubbish that you should be taking home. I’ve had to clean the toilet out, scraping the trap door clean to often so have some of our anglers, it isn’t rocket science, if you don’t care if you leave it in a mess and can’t follow the simple method of using a porter-loo just stay at home, you obviously don’t care about the next person.

28. The lake has predators, pike and perch.  There is NO live bait fishing for either unless you have permission from Fishery Manager.  If you want to bait fish seriously for the Perch on a day ticket on our lake you have to prove to us that you know how.  Lure fishing is allowed but please look after all fish caught extra carefully. Pike fishing is only allowed in the winter months between October 1st and March 1st. Both these species are very fragile and will perish if deep hooked or handled wrong.  They are nowhere near as robust as Carp and cannot handle excessive handling.  No one is allowed to sit away from the rods or leave the swim if they are fishing for these species on any method without reeling in first.  EA laws say we can’t be more than 10 metres away from the rods, generally unless you’re fishing near snags your OK with carp but with predator fishing, especially perch you want the rods at arm’s length maximum and even then you have to hit bites quick, deep hooked and over stressed Pike and Perch die easy, they are fragile and these days scarce at decent weights.

29. No Disturbing the stock/inlet pond fish in lake, please do not feed them. The stock pond fish are fed hard and we need to see them a bit to monitor their growth and health.  If there is too much foot traffic on the bank and too much left over bait thrown in it
makes growing these fish on more difficult.

30. Snagged Fish. It’s vitally important to de-snag any fish that needs to be de-snagged and totally unacceptable to pull for breaks. If you are un-sure ask a fellow angler, it’s the responsibility of all members to free snagged fish. If you can’t sort it from the bank ring the
fishery manager immediately and he will attend and go out in the boat. No using the boats without a life jacket (self-inflating type) and more importantly permission from the fishery manager. Chris runs the lake and Facebook page and website brilliantly we like to put all captures on it from lake.  If for whatever reason you don’t want your face on Facebook so be it, your choice but we do want all photos of 20 pound plus Carp for the web site and fish management records.

31.  Reporting captures is very important. By holding them back for any length of time is pointless and to be honest I don’t like it. Pictures of all 20lb+ plus fish should be emailed to the fishery team within 2 days with your name and size of fish, date, bait used plus any
other information you think applicable email address to use: We want to see how our Carp/other species are doing.  I will require all photos of all Carp over 20lb and specimen sized fish in the future for the web site.  Please email them, full size to

32.  Saving swims.  This is tricky and might be altered but until it is this is the procedures. If you have just arrived have a look round if you want.  If you fancy a vacant swim and intend to fish it put a coat, bucket, your barrow or other easily seen item in it and get the rest of
your gear as soon as reasonably possible.  Only one swim can be saved in this way for a maximum of one hour.  Do not play the game of changing your mind and looking elsewhere trying to hog more than one option. If two or more anglers arrive in the car park almost at the same time the angler arriving first has 
first option or you mutually agree.  If you are already on the lake and want to move in behind someone who is due to pack up ask the angler to save the swim, pack up all your gear and be ready to vacate your swim if someone else comes.  You cannot be fishing one swim waiting to go into another if someone else turns up. If you are not on the lake and have asked someone who is to hold a swim for you anyone already on the lake can take that swim off you but only if they make the swim they are in
vacant immediately on your arrival, they cannot be fishing one swim and have another booked. If you have agreed to let someone on the lake take over your swim when you leave you must tell anyone else turning up this and they must offer the swim to the angler who has
already agreed to take the swim over, but that angler must vacate the swim they are in immediately, having already packed most of their gear up ready.   If you have agreed to let someone go in a swim after you it’s up to you when you pack up but let the person waiting know a rough time.  The angler moving into your swim can leave a bucket or other marker in the swim but not in your way and unless already agreed cannot automatically start to set their gear up, either in the way or to rush you.

33. Spawning. The lake or area will be closed for around 2 weeks each year at the first sign of the Carp spawning.  If you see the Carp are spawning reel in immediately and let a bailiff know.  If there is other anglers on the lake inform them to reel in.  There will be signs posted
in prominent places; there will be no fishing while the spawning signs are up. If you want to have a look round and watch them spawning your welcome but try not to disturb them.  Most seasons they do a fair bit of resting during and after spawning (I used to have a fag) and it’s possible to see a lot of the fish easily.  It’s worth the time to have a look round.  I will feed it hard to help their recovery, if you want to pre-bait feel free.  

34. Barbed hooks only do not use barbless hooks anywhere onsite. Barbless trebles are the only thing to be used on site for predators.

35. Wading is not allowed, except when aiding in safe netting or release of fish, in shallow water areas. Please do not wade on any of our water to position baits. Always put your own safety first when returning fish.

36. There are bait restrictions, all multiple baits such as seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation. No Mass Baiting with maggots, squats, casters or any other form of maggot. We will only allow them to be used as hook baits, in pva bags or in feeders, we believe you should require no more than around 3 pints for an average 48-hour session. This rule will be enforced and if you are caught with large volumes of wrigglers, you will be asked to remove them from your swim or leave. We hope that as the carp begin to see fewer maggots, those small patches that will be created by bags and feeders will eventually help give you a nice little edge when all else fails. We will also be monitoring over-baiting in general and we will advise anglers when we feel they are over-stepping the mark.

37. No artificial (plastic/foam) bait including zig bugs. This is purely because if these rigs are lost they stay ‘live’ which means carp can be hooked time and time again and we’ve had instances of tethered fish.

38. Takeaway deliveries must be made before 20:00. Food must be collected from the on- site collection point at the main gate so ensure the takeaway driver has your mobile and you have provided them with the fishery name – do not leave rods in water unattended.

In conjunction with Countryside Management Consultancy Services (CMCS) they have created an exclusive boilie specifically designed for St Andrews Fishery which we use to supplement our carp feeding throughout the season. They believe in using the very best ingredients to aid growth rates and digestion, which is why our boilies contain a very high quality mix of fish meals and attractants. The makeup of the bait provides balanced enzyme- treated marine proteins, Crustacean extracts, milk fraction, fatty acids, lipids, salts,
flavour/taste enhancers. Vitamin and Mineral Supplement to the optimum levels for fish growth. The bait has an exceptional taste profile that stimulates the carp's olfactory and gustatory systems via a rich concentration of freeform, very water-soluble amino acids. BLF
boilies are designed to complement our specialist Carp farm pellets/Feed to create an exceptional dietary solution which fish readily accept as part of their overall food source. The exceptional growth rates of our carp are a testament to this. We have a range of boilie and pellet packages below which you can purchase for your stay with us. Simply select your chosen option and Ring the 07985410020 with details or email to Your bait will be collected and delivered to you on the arrival of the fishery manager at the Fishery. The Bait can be collected by appointment only. There is a minimum of 24 hr lead time for this.

BLF Mix Description A mix of fishmeal’s including standard fishmeal, a predigested fishmeal and a Low temperature fishmeal making this specialist bait easily digestible and hence suitable for all year round fishing. CLO (ground bird food) creates consistency and texture.  Subtle attractors and flavouring is achieved using powders, liquids and fish extracts which has been proven over 30 years of lake feed programs. A low level savoury essential oil/flavour combo is added giving the bait a distinctive meaty smell.