St Andrews Day Ticket prices

Day tickets are charged on the bank or can be purchased by phone 07985410020.  Bailiffs visit the site 2-3 times a day and are often fishing. 

Day Ticket prices
6 hours……..£10 (1 rod)
12 hours……£15 (
2 rod Kids/OAP)

12 hours……£20 (3 rods)

24 hours……£20 (2 rods)
24 hours……£25 (3 rods)
36-48 hours...£45
Season Membership Ticket £300

We charge an extra £5 for each guest (only one guest allowed per person)

This ticket Starts 1 st Jan each year all fees to be paid no later than 31 st January of the same year.

Renewal will be expected by 31 st January each year NO LATER.

Each part or full 24 hours on a long session is an extra £20.  For example 48 hours is £45, if you stay another 12-24 hours it’s another £20 and so on.

During the winter months (1 st December to 1 st February) We will offer the option to use an extra rod obviously rod license allowing to a max of 4 rods on the ticket depending on the amount of anglers on the venue on the given day.

We don’t chase you off the lake if you go a little over time like they do on some lakes but on the flip side there are no refunds for packing up an hour or so early.  We’re as fair as possible and have often had anglers pay for 48 hours but left a day early due to family or
emergencies, we’ve always refunded or taken this into account on their next visit where possible.


10% off memberships for all local residents with proof of address.